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Why #MeToo is important.

As the ripples continue to reach far and wide after Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace, woman are finally seeing the atmosphere of sexual assault change. It’s a glacially slow pace, but the fact that these conversations are being had is … Continue reading

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Why is @Sony @Playstation blocking my IP?

Over the weekend I had the misfortune of having my IP blocked by Playstation. I tried to log-in to the network so I could play my games online only to find error code  WS-37397-9 and Playstation tech support was zero help. … Continue reading

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Tyrannosaurus Rex’s Bite Force Measured 8,000 Pounds, Scientists Say

The teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex have been called “killer bananas,” and a new study in the journal Scientific Reports shows just how hard those fearsome chompers could clamp down. “What we came up with were bite forces of around 8,000 … Continue reading

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Are you unsure what will be considered a pre-existing condition? This is who will lose if Trumpcare passes the Senate.

AIDS/HIV Alcohol or drug abuse with recent treatment Alzheimer’s/dementia Anorexia Arthritis Bulimia Cancer Cerebral palsy Congestive heart failure Coronary artery/heart disease, bypass surgery Crohn’s disease Diabetes Epilepsy Hemophilia Hepatitis Kidney disease, renal failure Lupus Mental disorders (including Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, … Continue reading

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Will tonight be the night #AprilTheGiraffe has her calf? Watch LIVE.

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The Holocaust: Forgotten Victims

When people think of the Holocaust, it conjures images of Nazi Germany and the death camps of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belson. The sad truth is, the persecution not only touched Jews but Roma (Gypsy is a derogatory name) as well. The Roma are … Continue reading

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Why Black History Should Be EVERY Month.

I keep hearing, “If we had white history month, we’d be called racist.” Let me explain something, 11 months out of the year IS white history. The fact that black history is limited to one month out of the year … Continue reading

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If you think Trump and Hitler aren’t alike, then watch this video.

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The world is with us.

As I was watching the march yesterday, something struck me. All over the globe, women, men, and children were marching alongside us. We may be facing some difficult times ahead but one thing was clear, we are not alone. If … Continue reading

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You don’t like flag burning? How many ways are you disrespecting the flag?

If you’re going to say this is disrespectful you should probably look and see how you’ve disrespected the flag. #SorryNotSorry The Flag Code, which formalizes and unifies the traditional ways in which we give respect to the flag, also contains … Continue reading

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