Variant World


Humans aren’t alone in this world. Living among them are all the creatures you thought to be a myth, they call themselves Variants.

The Variant world is a dangerous place, and there is power in every creature’s blood.

The Blood Moon Pack – The only known werewolf pack to take on the third form. Their forms are human, wolf and the battle form. In the battle form, the werewolf walks upright, can speak and is faster than most vampires. They are also formidable witches.

Vampires – Can not go into the sun, if they do, they will turn to ash. They can see the life of the person they drink from for a short time. Some have abilities that follow their sire line and some do not.

Nymphs – Extremely beautiful men and women. They can sense arousal in any creature by the pheromones that are excreted. They feed on the positive energy or adoration they can elicit from others. If their blood is ingested, the person will become tethered and addicted to it. Also, the nymph can control them whenever they are aroused.

Wolves – Are born and belong to packs. Most stay within the pack in which they were born, but it is not uncommon for them to join a new pack when they move. They shift from human to wolf at any time and it causes no pain.

Shifters – Aren’t as common as wolves, but can take any animal shape at will. The larger the animal, the more difficult it is to retain for extended periods. After extended shifts, massive quantities of food will be needed to replenish body mass and energy.

The Coven – A collective of five vampire witches who vary in age but are extremely powerful. Most Variants will try to avoid the Coven at all costs. The Coven isn’t in one location, but scattered and can assemble when necessary.

Striba – A werewolf that is part wolf and part demon. The Striba are faster than a werewolf, they have red eyes and are hard to kill.

Demons – These come in various forms. In the Variant Universe, the demons are not hellbound, they are from varying realms and these worlds converge into The Pit.



The Pit – Is a place where deals are made, souls are traded and bounties are made. Nothing with a soul can enter the pit. If a soul managed to enter, it would be ripped apart by the demons nearby. A soul in the pit is like putting blood in the water where sharks reside.

More to come…..

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