The Princess of North Sudan



“The Princess of North Sudan” will be Disney’s first film about an African princess. She will be White.

It will be based on the true story of Emily Heaton, a White American girl who wanted to be a princess. Her father, Jeremiah Heaton, went to Africa in 2014 and, on her seventh birthday, planted a flag in Bir Tawil, a bit of land not claimed by any government. He called it the Kingdom of North Sudan, making himself king and his daughter a princess.

Bir Tawil is on the border between Egypt and Sudan. It is about two-thirds the size of Rhode Island, larger than Bahrain or Singapore, though it is landlocked and largely desert. Neither Egypt nor Sudan want to claim it because that would mean giving up their right to the Hala’ib Triangle, a much bigger piece of land further east on the Red Sea. Bir…

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Shelly Burrows and Michael Stewart have been role-playing together for five years and have decided to bring their characters to life. Both speak sarcasm fluently and love to talk to people about the most random of topics. Feel free to interact!
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