The world is with us.

As I was watching the march yesterday, something struck me. All over the globe, women, men, and children were marching alongside us. We may be facing some difficult times ahead but one thing was clear, we are not alone.

If you weren’t aware of the magnitude of the march, check out these photos. I know I was so moved to see so many countries lifting their voices WITH us! They didn’t shrug and say, “It’s not my problem.” No, they said, “We will join you!” If that isn’t a show of what love and support, I don’t know what is.

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Even the inaugural cake was plagiarized!

First, Melania copied Michelle Obama’s speech, then she wore an inaugural outfit similar to Jackie O., now, we find that the inaugural cake was copied.

The Trump administration said it was purposely copied and the proceeds are to be given to the Human Rights Campaign.


I find it interesting that Trump’s administration feels the need to copy. Hmm.

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