So Donald Trump put this ad out in SC…

And it pisses me off. He’s making it sound like illegal immigration is the sole reason this country is in turmoil. I also think his racist ass used a black man who lost his son so that people don’t think he’s racist. See? I used a black man in my video, so I’m not racist. *Insert eye roll here*

The further along we get into the nightmare that is election season, I find my disgust for Trump is running deep. When most presidential candidates seek to unite our nation, Trump is pleased that he is dividing it. This is a huge problem. What’s worse is, people are listening and feeling emboldened to embrace their brand of racism.

If Donald Trump is doing this now as a candidate, what will life be like if he gets elected? I, for one, don’t want to find out.


About darkmoonseries

Shelly Burrows and Michael Stewart have been role-playing together for five years and have decided to bring their characters to life. Both speak sarcasm fluently and love to talk to people about the most random of topics. Feel free to interact!
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