Meet @NikAugustate and the characters of Along Temptation’s Edge

Along Temptation’s Edge, Book 1: AKKADIA

Character interview: Danny Sutters

Danny head shot




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Interviewer; Nik August: * sees someone in the doorway *  “Hello? Come in. Hum… I wasn’t expecting you. You’re not my main character.”

Azewrath: “Who implied such?” * sits in chair and straightens tunic *

Nik: “I did.”

Azewrath: “And you are?”

Nik: “I’m your author. I ask the questions here.”

Azewrath: “Ah! So you are to blame for all my suffering!”

Nik: * laughs * “Look, we don’t have time for your complaints right now. I’m trying to conduct a character interview. Take it up with your agent, later.”

Ilmar: * pokes head in doorway * “Has anyone seen Danny?”

Azewrath: “NO!”

Nik: * shakes head * “He was supposed to do this interview, but instead…” * Motions to Azewrath*

Ilmar: * pulls over chair next to Azewrath, sits * “Perhaps I’ll stay and keep things honest.”

Azewrath: “I can be brutally honest!”

Ilmar: “In your dreams. I’ll be the judge of that!”

Azewrath: “Ugh! The contractions!”

Ilmar: “When we spend time on the surface, we should sound human.”

Azewrath: “I see no reason to act a moron just to keep up appearances.”

Nik: * interrupting * “Excuse me. Can we begin here. Times-a-wasting!” * turns to Azewrath *  “Why not just tell everyone who you are.”

Azewrath: “Besides annoyed? Alright…” * waves hand, dismissively * “I am Azewrath. First Council of the Seers Guild, and best friend to Prince Pikkar of Akkadia.”

Ilmar: “I am Princess Ilmartutar, daughter of Prince Pikkar and the Supreme Monarch, Queen Alkara.”

Azewrath: “You are also my intended.”

Ilmar: * pouting * “That is not my doing!”

Azewrath: “No. It is your father’s wishes.”

Ilmar: “My wish is to be with Danny.”

Azewrath: “You are too old for him.”

Ilmar: * drops jaw in shock * “I have only seen 23 plantings! He is 28 human years old. I believe we are compatible.”

Azewrath: “One of our plantings are equal to 10 human years.”

Ilmar: “Humph! That makes you 400 human years old! Now who is too old for me?”

Azewrath: “And that makes you 230 human years old.”

Ilmar: “Sush! Talking like that makes Danny’s head hurt.”

Azewrath: * leans toward Nik * “You should revel in the fact I have taken Danny’s place instead. I doubt that imbecile could answer an intelligent question without so much as guttural grunts, if his life depended on it.”

Nik: “Alright people, so what is Akkadia? Can you explain it?”

Ilmar: “Akkadia is a great city with roots that go back to ancient times, when the continents were one big landmass.”

Azewrath: “We live our lives 15 miles below the surface unbeknownst to you humans, until recently. As the eons passed, our bodies took on the mineral characteristics of the deep earth ores, such as iron. These enhancements gave our people Abilities beyond imagination.”

Nik: “Such as?”

Azewrath: “I myself can See into all possible, or probable futures. Trust me when I say, since our interaction with the humans it has all been bad.”

Ilmar: “As the future Queen, I am forbidden to learn my Abilities, as they have no place in my duties. Yet, I can Heal an injury, or Ignite a light, or start an engine.”

Nik: “Huh! Okay…”

Ilmar: * her expression saddens * “You see? My Abilities are not important for a Queen.”

Nik: “What kind of Abilities do your people have?”

Ilmar: * looks to Azewrath * “Azewrath, care to name them all?”

Azewrath: “A challenge? Indeed!” * he contemplates * “Telepaths, Seers, Healers, Igniters, Historians, Scholars, Cultivators, and Artisans.”

Ilmar: “Ah! You forgot, Empath, and Guardian.”

Azewrath: “How can one forget the Guardians?”

Nik: “Who are the Guardians?”

Ilmar: “The giant protecting force of Akkadia. They have armor-clad bodies that morph to twice our size!”

Azewrath: “Boorish, savage individuals, truly…”

Ilmar: “Yet, our Abilities allow us a comfortable lifestyle even without the suns life giving rays.”

Nik: “Do you miss seeing the sun?”

Azewrath: “No. Neither the incredibly uncomfortable humidity your atmosphere holds. Insufferable!”

Nik: “I really feel like I’ve lost all control here.”

Azewrath: * laughs * “We are Akkadian. What makes you think you ever had it?”

Nik: “Well, we’re out of time. So thanks for sharing my story with all the readers.”

Azewrath: “Please believe me when I tell you it is NOT your story. Everything wondrous about Akkadia can be traced back to us and our talents. I find it presumptuous of you to take the credit.”

Danny: * sticks head in the doorway * “Hey! Is this where the interview is supposed to be? Am I late?”

Nik: “Yes. Danny? I’m sorry you missed it.”

Ilmar: “Where have you been?”

Danny: * walks in holding a six-pack * “I had to stop for beer!”


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Shelly Burrows and Michael Stewart have been role-playing together for five years and have decided to bring their characters to life. Both speak sarcasm fluently and love to talk to people about the most random of topics. Feel free to interact!
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