Want a glimpse of Blood Moon? Read on…

How he loved this part.

Nicholas Malloy had been a vampire for over two centuries and this still never got old for him, especially when he was joined by Winn and Lynette.  When you had all of eternity, it wasn’t often that you stayed with traveling companions for so long, but the three of them had just clicked. For over sixty years, they fed together and spent time with one another.  The other two vampires were younger than he, neither having broken their first century yet.

“Look at her go!” Winn laughed. “I can hear her heart hammering in her chest!”

“Just make sure you save some of the little mouse for me.” Lynette said, closing in on their prey from the left.

They had done this so many times each of them had their movements down pat. Once they tired of chasing the girl, Winn would close in from the right, she would go after her from the left, and Nicholas would shut down the middle.

Nicholas couldn’t help but smile.  They had found this morsel in a bar, some shit hole called the Blue Flame.  She couldn’t be more than twenty five. Her blonde hair was streaming behind her, and Nicholas liked the shape of her ass in those tight jeans she was wearing.  They had herded her out to this open field by fucking with her head, making little noises, moving so fast that she would catch them in the corner of her eye.  It wasn’t hard to do when one had been doing it for as long as Nicholas had.

Winn grinned now, as the girl tried to lose them in the forest.  Fool.  They could see perfectly in the darkness, and their prey was still lit up like a beacon for them.  But he was growing weary of the chase and wanted to taste this sweet temptation.  His grin soon threatened to split his face as he saw the girl trip over an exposed root and go down.  That was just like in the movies!

Lynette shook her head.  “Really?  How cliché.  Let’s finish this.  I’m hungry, and this toy doesn’t hold much of a challenge.”

Their dinner was no longer running. She was on her ass clutching her ankle.  She probably broke it.  Boring.

As the trio of vampires closed in on the girl, Nicholas looked up briefly seeing the crescent moon playing hide and seek with the top of the trees.  The denseness of these woods provided good cover for them and would allow them to feed in peace, without disturbance.  He agreed with Lynette.  It was time to end this particular game.

“If you don’t struggle, we’ll make this quick,” Nicholas said.

“No, go ahead and struggle,” Lynette said with a laugh.  “I like it when they struggle.  You boys know that.”  There was a seductive purr to her voice now.

The girl looked up at the vampires and actually smiled.

“I’ll keep that in mind…”

* * *

Saoirse MacKay was on the move. She could hear the crashing of the others’ feet thundering in the forest around her. She was on high alert, everyone was and, when the time came, they sprang into action. Running toward the source of the disruption, she surveyed the scene before her. Three vampires were about to descend on a young woman and drain her of every drop of life’s blood. This would not do. Saoirse stepped forward, not even breathing hard from the run. The vampires were so caught up in their impending kill that they weren’t aware a predator had stepped in their midst.

“You’ve chased the wrong girl, and you will die,” Saoirse proclaimed.

The vampires finally looked up, hostility rolling off them in waves, upset at being interrupted.

“Who the fuck are you to threaten us?” Lynette said.

Saoirse thought she wasn’t the smartest in the group.

Nicholas didn’t know what was going on. He looked around confused. He could tell by the woman’s scent what she was; how could she think she could take them on? For now, he just stood there silently. Lynette and Winn were like most vampires, thinking they were at the top of the food chain, impervious to everything, so their attitude toward this new woman wasn’t surprising.

“You are trespassing on our land, vampire. It is a mistake that will cost you the very life you covet.” Saoirse said.

The girl’s eyes were no longer wide with fear. Her heart calm in her chest. Lynette and Winn suddenly started to look around nervously. The look on Nicholas’ face wasn’t comforting them either. Winn must have gotten a sudden streak of bravery because he puffed his chest out and smirked.

“I don’t think you can take us three,” he said.

Saoirse just smiled, “Your hubris is your downfall.” She turned to the girl. “Caoihme, you did well this night.”

Caoihme O’Rourke’s lips curled into a smile as she stood, much to the chagrin of the vampires.

“Since you did so well, you can begin.” Saoirse turned to the vampires and said, “You’ve trespassed for the last time tonight.” With those final words, growls filled the air. The trio turned to flee, but it was useless, they were surrounded.

The only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of growls from Saoirse’s kin, a gleeful yip from Caoihme and the screams of the vampires as they were torn apart.


About darkmoonseries

Shelly Burrows and Michael Stewart have been role-playing together for five years and have decided to bring their characters to life. Both speak sarcasm fluently and love to talk to people about the most random of topics. Feel free to interact!
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