Sorry, I’m Not Rihanna. I Don’t Love The Way You Lie: The truth about the cost of lying.

If you or someone you love is self harming, please seek help.

Life At The Barrier:

For many kids, self-harm is a very serious illness they’re dealing with and it’s one that could well cost them their lives. So when one of my band friends told me that he’d come across kids that were harming themselves and that some were even lying about self-harm in an effort to get attention from a band or a particular member I nearly choked on my Vitamin Water. For kids who suffer in silence and who actually are self-harming this isn’t a joke or a way to get attention. These kids are dealing with a lot of pain and haven’t found any other way to release it. 

When anyone uses self-harm as an attention seeking thing it can seriously effect the kids who are actually living with this illness. If a kid goes to a show and tells a band guy about how they’ve overcome self-harm and uses that to…

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About darkmoonseries

Shelly Burrows and Michael Stewart have been role-playing together for five years and have decided to bring their characters to life. Both speak sarcasm fluently and love to talk to people about the most random of topics. Feel free to interact!
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